Why Beekeeping?

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Beekeeping Since we started our beekeeping business, many people have asked these questions: Why beekeeping? How did you guys start? It all began the summer of 2016,with us buying only 20 beehives. We decided to give beekeeping a try and start small.Like with any other businesses, there are so many risks and financial investment involved. 

A little background about us: My husband has been a truck driver for ten plus years, and I have been a nurse for nine. With our growing family, I would only work when my husband was home. Also, at that time we already had five children and trucking was not ideal for our family. My brother and sister were already doing beekeeping for  several years, so we had beekeepers in our family. My brother in law and sister were the ones that highly encouraged us to start beekeeping. My sister has a big family, and she would share how beekeeping was such a blessing to her family. She shared that kids loved learning about bees and honey production. Beekeeping has become a family business. 

I really needed my husband to be more home, long distance truck driving is not ideal for a big family. Once we started beekeeping, I really enjoyed learning about bees. I would ask many questions, google, watch youtube, and read beekeeping materials. 

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  • My name is Vianett Vanessa and your logo got my attention because most of my friends call me just V.
    I know you will have a very successful business. I m looking forward to taste the delicious honey that with love you work for.
    Best wishes to you with all my appreciation even if I haven tried the honey. Best of luck to you and your whole beautiful family.

    Vianett or V on

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